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Welcome to StudioLine.

Thank you for choosing StudioLine to manage your images and web pages. Registering your copy allows us to serve you better and offers many advantages.

Your Advantages:


You can recover your software activation key if you ever should need to reinstall the software (e.g., after switching

to a new PC or after a hard disk failure).


You can receive our newsletters, full of practical advice and helpful tips.


You will be notified of available updates and fixes.


You have access to free web space during your evaluation period, so that you may try the web functions of StudioLine at

your own pace.

Registration for StudioLine Web Designer, Photo Pro or Photo Classic

Registration for StudioLine Photo Basic

Reinstalling without Registration

You do not need to register each time you install StudioLine. To install StudioLine on a new PC or after losing your hard disk, simply:

1. Download latest StudioLine Photo / StudioLine Web Designer "demo" software

Users of our freeware StudioLine Photo Basic do not need to register. You are automatically registered, once you obtain your free activation key.

2. Use your original activation key to unlock the "demo"

To proceed with the registration, you will need your » software activation key.

If you ever need to reinstall StudioLine Photo Basic, simply download and install the latest version from our web site and then reuse your existing activation key. You do not need to register again or obtain a new activation key.