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 Web Designer


Image Processing

Descriptions and other Metadata, settings for individual image tools, or entire tool stacks can be copied to any number of images by a simple click of button.

Gain a quick overview with a targeted subset of your image archive, filtered by any combination of descriptors or keywords.

Batch Processing

Image Archiving


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Image Tool Presets

Image Tools
Many image tools, such as white balance, exposure correction or unsharp mask, are available to enhance your images. All editing steps are non-destructive because only the individual tool settings are stored in image archive database. This way, the original image remains always intact.

Save Tool Settings and Combinations
Save frequently used image tools or combination of tools as templates, then optimize other images with just a click of the mouse.

White Balance

Unsharp Mask


With just one click remove color casts from your photos and restore the luster of its natural colors.

With this professional sharpening filter, emphasize details and contours in your images.

Conveniently adjust individual color channels of your image, or create stunning black & white versions.

RAW formats of all popular cameras are supported.

» RAW Formats


Protect Your Images

Embed your personal watermark in your images to prevent unauthorized use.

Use any graphics and text to design your watermark. These can be rotated and aligned to suit your needs.

StudioLine Web Designer 4 integrates in a single interface all the necessary functions for
creating, publishing and updating professional web sites - page editor, image archive, image editing, graphic effects, site publication, template editor and web site administration.

You can quickly find images by the content of their EXIF and IPTC descriptors or populate them for standards-based data interchange.

Overview | Features | Image Editing & Archiving | System Requirements | Download | Online Manual

Image Tool Stack

Image Editing & Archiving

All the image editing steps are maintained as individual entries in an image tool stack and do not affect the original image. Thus, any tool settings can be reviewed and changed at any time.

Locate images by searching for specific texts in individual or all descriptors.

Specific color profiles for each camera can be automatically applied when you import images, eliminating color distortion.

Quick Search

Show Off Your Photos on the Internet

Web Gallery
Create attractive and functional web pages, complete with navigation, thumbnail galleries and a detail view. StudioLine will publish them directly to any web server.

Quickly and easily share your photos and videos on the Web using the add-on MediaCenter.PLUS. You can publish individual folders as an album, specifying whether or not to allow image downloads. Your albums can also be password-protected.

Easy Print

Create templates with designs for various occasions. Depending on your needs, choose the number of images per page, their size and spacing and various other layout details.

Save your customized templates for future use. You can also pick one of the many built-in templates and then further adapt it to your needs.


Color Profiles

PC-based Slideshows

Present your images as an attractive slide show on your monitor. Presentations can be enhanced by adding music, a soundtrack or the sound bits that were recorded with images.

If your PC connects to your T.V., you can even enjoy the slide show on the "big screen".

Choose export settings most suitable for a particular application (e.g., slide presentation on TV). Frequently used settings can be saved.



Copies and shortcuts to your images require no additional disk space in the image archive. This way you can include any photo in more than one folder.


For every occasion, create personalized greeting cards and calendars from your photos in just a few steps.

Assign keywords relevant to your images in order to quickly find matches for a particular subject. You can gradually refine your search by successively adding more keywords as criteria.


Your favorite pictures can be retrieved quickly one you've rated them with 1 to 5 stars. When exporting the images, the ratings can also be used in other applications.

System Requirements

Your Personal Load Assistant

Let the convenient Load Assistant guide you through the import of images from various media, including cameras, USB flash drives, CD/DVD and hard drives. Previously imported files are automatically deselected to avoid duplication.

With the Load Assistant you can already assign suitable image names and populate other metadata such as keywords or copyright. Also available are automated content options, like sequence numbers or date.

Copies and Shortcut References

Sort images according to any criteria and then save the sort order. Or temporarily change the sort order by ad-hoc criteria.

Special Effects


Filtered Image Archive

Crop and Rotate


The Timeline Explorer extends beyond the usual theme-based organization of your images into folders and subfolders, with an automated calendar-based view.

Easily locate the images associated with a specific event, simply by drilling down to the appropriate time period without dealing with the complexity of search forms.

Easily align an image along a horizon or vertical line, and crop it to the optimal detail. The original image remains unchanged!

Videos can be managed in StudioLine as well and played back directly from the image archive.

Video Playback

Organize your StudioLine workspace to best suit your various uses. You can save the optimal settings for each different activity.

Color-Coded Folder Icons

Images located in various folders can be bookmarked for a certain task, such as printing. This provides for your subsequent use of a collection of images assembled from many locations.




Selective Blur

Optimize your images with an abundance of image tools with professional-grade capabilities.

The selective blur filter helps with reducing image noise or imparting an elegant softening effect.

Post your photos from the StudioLine Image Archive straight to » Flickr®.

Email your images directly from the image archive. You can vary the size and format of the image attachment for individual recipients.

Upload to Flickr®

Send Photos via E-Mail

Select one of 7 colors available for the folder icons to highlight folders of particular importance or as a reminder that there's some unfinished work.

Personalized Workspace

Calendars and
Greeting Cards