What is Geotagging?
How Does Geotagging Work?

Associating GPS data to photos opens entirely new opportunities to organize, find and present photos. With the help of location data supplied by GPS data loggers or digital cameras, photos can be displayed on digital maps or satellite images.


StudioLine Photo Classic 3.6 Plus processes the information from a data logger, synchronizes it with the camera time and automatically stores the GPS location of each photo in the image archive. When loading photos from cameras with built-in GPS receivers, StudioLine will automatically extract the geographical metadata and save it in the image archive.


The StudioLine Geo Explorer provides manual geotagging by means of a very intuitive drag & drop process. Adding missing location information to older photos or third party photos is as easy as dragging each photo to its intended location on Google™ Maps.

Convenient Geotagging in StudioLine

Enhances the Image Archive

StudioLine uses GPS coordinates to query the GeoNames web service for location details such as country, city, and possibly even street names, and stores this information in the appropriate IPTC tags. This allows photo collections to be quickly searched, filtered and sorted by cities, sights or other place names.

Route Tracking (Version 3.70 and up)

Adding the path between image locations gives viewers new means to follow your travels and appreciate the sights along the way.

Rediscover Photos
and Places

Explore a digital map for places where you have been taking photos. This will bring old and new images into an entirely new geographical context.

Show Photos and Locations on the Web

Allow friends and family to experience and visualize the geographical context of a photo series. Newly added links on web gallery pages open a window where the location of each photo is marked on a map. Likewise, clicking a marked location on the map will show the matching photo.

Geo Explorer Fully Integrated into StudioLine –
No Additional Software Required!

Manually geotag older or third-party images directly in the Image Archive. Simply drag selected images onto the intended location on a digital map in the Geo Explorer. The GeoNames web service is queried for location details such as country, city,  and possibly even street names, and the information is stored in the appropriate IPTC tags.

Geotagging Directly Online

Even users of StudioLine Photo Basic benefit from geotagging features by using a no-charge StudioLine web service .
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Features at a Glance:

+ Easy import of GPS logs

+ Automatic correction of mismatched GPS and camera time

+ 3 map views (map, satellite, terrain)

+ Automatic lookup of location names (country, city)

+ Search, filter and sort by location names

+ Easy publishing of location data on the web

Supported File Formats:

+ .gpx

+ .nmea

+ .kml

Screen Captures

Users of StudioLine Photo Basic can use the no-charge Studioline Geotagging web service to manually associate images with their location.