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"StudioLine Photo Classic has features in places where other programs didn't even know they had places."

Mitch Keeler, Lockergnome.com

"No other free solution delivers what StudioLine Photo Basic can."

Mitch Keeler, Lockergnome.com

"I have been using iPhoto on a Mac since I did not find anything that I liked on PC's that I liked for photo management. Now I may just start using my PC more often for editing all my digital images."

Frank Kowal, CA

"I am really pleased with StudioLine 3.0.  It is making my photography business a lot easier. Doing things to a photo when exporting is a new concept to me, and it's a lot better than making a copy.  It is elegant, fast, and economical."

Greg Sparkman

"You guys are the best!  Your firm's responsiveness, innovation and clarity are simply remarkable.  I love your product and your service."

Mike P.

"I can say that StudioLine is unarguably the most efficient program in its category. And I've tried dozens of them. Well done!"

Miriam M.

"Thanks to StudioLine, our website is awesome!"


"StudioLine will be a best seller for sure!"

Thierry Lesparre, www.FrenchRendezvous.cc

"I have just downloaded your StudioLine and the Photo freeware and I am amazed at the work you have put into this! I can hardly wait to get started. I just hope I am intelligent enough to handle it!  Thank you!"


"Your software is the absolute best surprise I have had since starting with digital. Your competitors' products are full of bugs and install issues and even then, not half as useful as advertised. So far with the trial version of StudioLine Photo 2, I am extremely impressed by the smoothness and thought that went into this product.

Thank you,
A very satisfied customer"


"Wow!  StudioLine is without a doubt one of the finest – if not THE finest – software I’ve ever encountered!  On top of that, your website is extraordinarily well done, as well.  Congratulations!  As an information professional myself, I really appreciate what you’ve done.  Please keep up the excellent work!"

Edward I. Stevens, Ph.D.

"One nice feature of Photo Edition is how it recreates the folder architecture of Windows Explorer, allowing you to operate within a familiar environment.

Overall, I LOVE it!!

Your software seems much more user friendly and makes dealing with large groups of photos (something I do often) MUCH easier!! Excellent.

It's a wonderful tool."

Fritz Kloepfel, Mandalay Solutions

"I would just like to say I downloaded the 30 day trial from ZDNET and I am impressed! Still playing around with it but I love what I have tried so far."

Brian Alexander

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