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Apply During Export

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Select the images that you wish export and choose "Export (Save As)" from the "File" menu. Alternatively, you could right-click on an image, even in the detail view, and then choose "Export (Save As)" from the context menu.

In the list of export options, click "Watermark." A checkmark next to the option indicates that a watermark will embedded in the exported images.

The advantage of the StudioLine's watermark filter is that you can easily apply individually designed watermarks to any number of images with just a few clicks. Wisely address image theft while at the same time enhancing your photos with your brand identity.

Insert watermarks automatically when exporting your image files. Your pictures will flaunt your logo or copyright text, so you can freely distribute them. It's easy to create a custom watermark while you export, or select one that you had previously saved.

Finally, select a destination directory, and optionally specify a file name. The export will start once you click on the "OK" button.

You can create a new watermark for the exported images, or you can select a saved watermark and then adjust it as needed.

Confirm the settings by clicking on the "OK" button.

To verify the results, you could open the exported image, using Windows Explorer for example. You will see the watermark superimposed on the image.