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Image Editing with Wow Effect

Here we'll show how 3 image tools and a few clicks will let you further optimize your best


The Perfect Moment - Optimized with StudioLine

Our sample photo is too light and lacks impact.

photos so that they "Wow" any viewer.

Open the photo in «Detail» view.

After optimizing color tones, hues and brightness, the image tool «Soft Edge» is the icing on the cake. Voila - a motif with a real "Wow" effect.

Hint: In «Hue, Saturation, Brightness» you have the option to globally affect all colors, or individual color tones, such as "Cyan".

Image Editing

For this photo we'll work with the image tools «Auto Tone Levels», «Hue, Saturation, Brightness» and

«Image Enhancement».

The tone levels are optimized to give the photo a more pleasant feel and added depth. The saturation

is increased and the hues changed for a more natural and powerfull overall impression.