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A Slide Show - Ready to Share

The base of your slide show is an online album you create using the add-on MediaCenter.PLUS.

Album Settings

Your friends will be impressed!

- From the «Share» menu, choose «MediaCenter.PLUS».
- Log into your account, or create a new one.

Albums are conveniently managed from within StudioLine. Add or remove photos,

Open MediaCenter

If your slide show is intended for a selected group of people, you can add a password to this album. For this, choose the «Private» option under «Security» and enter your choice of password.

Add a Folder

- Create a new folder(1) and decide on its options.

- Click on «Link to this Album» (2).

rearrange their order, and restrict access as needed.

Hint: The slide show is one of the advanced features of your online album.

Add Images, Invite Viewers

- Click the new folder to open it.

- Drag your images into the album content area (1), or onto the album's icon.

- With the «Open Slide Show in Browser» (2) button, you'll be able to preview your slide show.

- Invite viewers to check out your slide show, by clicking the «Send» button (3).

If you only share the «Address of Album», then your visitors will see the album's default view, a thumbnail gallery.

They can click on one of the photos to start their slide show with that.

If instead, you invite people to the URL (web address) of the actual slide show, buttons (2) and (3), then your visitors will launch the slide show directly and view it from beginning. A click on the album icon allows them switch to the album's regular thumbnail gallery.

View and Share Slide Show

Viewers can adjust the presentation to their liking and forward a link to your slide show via email, Twitter, Facebook.

Hint: Your slide show you create using the add-on MediaCenter.PLUS will adapt perfectly for use on mobile devices.