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 Web Designer



Image Editing & Archiving

System Requirements


Page Editor

Irregular Image Shapes

You are not limited to rectangular images. The actual shape of an image controls its clickable area, not just in the StudioLine editor - but even on the published web page. This allows for complex collages of overlapping of images without requiring you to create and maintain an "image map".

Integrated image tools save you costly time and effort otherwise spent on manually deriving versions of images with shadows or other transparent effects that match the underlying background.

Image Replacement

Link Management

Links to pages that do not exist are a thing of the past. StudioLine Web Designer manages all the links in an internal database so that the links are automatically changed or deleted accordingly when the target of a link changes.

All links to external URLs and email addresses can be displayed in a window. By clicking a button, the StudioLine Web Designer validates the availability of the referenced URLs. E-Mail addresses and URLs can be updated in this window and the corrections propagated to all the pages where they are used.

Shadows, Borders, Gradients and
Rounded Corners

You do not need external image editing programs or learn HTML, CSS, or client-side scripts. With StudioLine alone, you'll design captivating graphic elements quickly and easily.

Thanks to innovative technology, you can effortlessly create gradients, borders, backgrounds, angles, shadows and other interesting effects in no time.

Color Management

Page Alignment

In the page editor or layout template, you can set an image as a "placeholder". To substitute the image at any time, just drop-in a replacement. All effects applied to the previous image are preserved.

A left-aligned page looks good on a small or medium size screen, but gets lost on larger monitors. StudioLine Web Designer allows you to choose to align your pages to the left, the right or in the center of the browser window.

Dynamic Menus

Media Formats

With just a few clicks, create dynamic menus and tie them to graphics and text objects.  Move your mouse over these object and the associated menu will appear.

Media Explorer

Design Elements

Use design elements to perfectly align multiple images and text within any desired area of the page. For a unified presentation, a number of configuration options are available, such as horizontal and vertical alignment and adjustable spacing and margins. The wrapping and orientation of text and images is done automatically based, on the rules you defined.

Since you control borders, corner shapes, background colors and tiles, the design elements are also excellent layout aids for navigation bars, column titles and even entire pages.

Intelligent File Sharing

Manage the images and graphics used on your Web site in the
» integrated image archive. This way you always have immediate access and changes to the images are automatically propagated to the effected pages.



Design without HTML and CSS Expertise

Floating Tool Bars

Image files that already exist on the server are reused, saving disk space and transmission time.

StudioLine Web Designer does not use modal windows. Keep any frequently used tools open as long as you like, eliminating the constant need to reopen dialogs that have closed each time you apply a change. As a result, you can easily tweak the look achieved by combining several tools and adjusting their various settings back and forth.

Of course, dynamic effects such as rollovers are automatically created. StudioLine goes a step further by supporting rollover effects for layers of partially overlapping images with irregular shapes.

All selected objects can automatically be aligned vertically and horizontally, and spaced equally.

Automatic Navigation Links

There are a number of applications where you can "browse" through the pages one by one. With StudioLine Web designer, you can automatically maintain forward and backward links between pages, and to an index page. This saves time and eliminates the chance that links are forgotten or become invalid after site updates.

Templates give your project a consistent design with little effort. Updates to the template are automatically applied to all desired pages

Rollovers with Layers

Layout Templates

Automatic Publishing

StudioLine Web Designer 4 integrates in a single interface all the necessary functions for
creating, publishing and updating professional web sites - page editor, image archive, image editing, graphic effects, site publication, template editor and web site administration.

StudioLine Web Designer tracks pages that have been modified and automatically includes them with the next publishing to the web server.

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By automatically distributing files in multiple subfolders, StudioLine optimizes file management and access times on the server, resulting in better response times


Optimal Transfer Times

You can use all common image formats on your Web site. JPG files are created automatically when the HTML code is rendered for a page.

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Smooth Transitions


Just drag objects to the desired location and their sides or center will snap into perfect alignment with the magnetic guides. Guides can be saved as a set and restored for use in other pages and other projects.

Shadow and Light Effects

Light and shadow effects will give your images a three-dimensional appearance.

StudioLine Web Designer supports all common image formats, including those with alpha channel. You can freely use images with background transparency anywhere on your pages. If necessary, image overlaps will be properly resolved when the page is ultimately rendered to HTML.

In StudioLine Web Designer, you can precisely position text and images at pixel level. Likewise, you can use the "Position" panel to enter specific horizontal and vertical coordinates.

Clipped Objects

StudioLine Web Designer ensures that the internal Web addresses can be processed and displayed in all browsers and servers. For this, special characters are converted and considerations are made for different spellings.

With the "Soft Edge" filter, you can create images with fashioned edges with just a few clicks of the mouse. Partially overlapping such images result in a smooth transition between them.


You can cut and rotate images and texts directly in the page editor. This allows you to evaluate the effect on the entire page.


Layout Templates

Create layout templates with all the elements that should appear on all pages, such as menu, headers and footers. These items automatically become part of new pages, letting you focus solely on the unique content of each page.

Crop and Rotate

Platform Independence and Integrated FTP

Permanent Addresses

Site Management

StudioLine Web Designer controls the files management of your website and how it relates to navigation links. This eliminates from the onset the most common source of errors usually occurring during the creation and maintenance of web sites.

StudioLine Web Designer is independent of server software, and it does not need any additional server extensions. The integrated FTP feature will transfer new or modified pages directly from StudioLine to your web server.

Web addresses of images and pages are assigned only once and retained even as you reorganize parts of your web project. This ensures that the links and bookmarks to your pages remain valid and that the search engines do not discard them. As a result, you are free to reorganize your web project in StudioLine by renaming or moving the pages, images and even folders.

Handling of Special Characters

StudioLine Web Designer makes consistent use of the alpha channel. This technique provides a transparency value for each pixel. Irregular shaped and overlapping graphics can be easily layered.

Graphic Effects

Use the image editing tools directly
in the page or template editor and
see the result immediately.

You can create impressive designs with soft edges, emboss, contour and many more special effects.

StudioLine Web Designer allows you to freely position text and graphics on your pages. Leave it up to StudioLine to render the corresponding HTML and CSS code when publishing the web page.

Quickly create attractive collages by simply layering multiple images and texts. Individual objects can be added, changed or removed at any time.

In the "Color Picker" panel, you can maintain a palette of frequently used colors, always giving you instant access to the precise colors that are part of your design scheme.

Create Collages

Alignment Tools