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Convenient File Exchange

Selective Download or Scheduled Receipt

Thumbnail previews and additional image information, such as file size and graphics format, give recipients a quick overview of what you have made available to them. They can decide to download all images, pick and choose a few, or schedule automatic downloads. Recipients are notified whenever you made new content available on the server.

Recipients are sent emails, inviting them to download your images. The invitation emails include encrypted access information for the recipient. You can send out additional invitations for more recipients at any time, without having to transfer the images again. To categorize your images for your recipients, you can organize them into subject-based folders.

DigitalXpress provides a unique web address for every uploaded image, so that they can be included on web sites such as eBay and other auction sites, blogs and online forums.

You control how long your files will remain on the server, before DigitalXpress removes them automatically. This prevents wasting of server space and eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual “clean-up” activity.

Clever Management Options

Automatic Verify and Concurrent Transfer

Recipients who are not already StudioLine customers only need to install » StudioLine Photo Basic, a no-charge download, to be able to receive your images.

» Download StudioLine Photo Basic

After every transfer, DigitalXpress reconciles local files against those on the server to confirm successful receipt. An interrupted transfer can simply be resumed later. There is no need to repeat an entire file transfer from the start.

Uploading and downloading of files can occur concurrently. A recipient can already retrieve available images, while other images are still in the process of being uploaded to the server.


DigitalXpress is the ideal Platform for the quick and reliable exchange of large image quantities for all StudioLine users. You can quick and easy exchange any file types, using either the DigitalXpress server or any other FTP server.

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Batch Processing for Send

You can create output profiles to best suit the requirements of specific applications or clients, including the graphics format, image size, edits, such as watermarking or sharpening. These profiles automate the output of images that are uploaded to the server.