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Addon MediaCenter.PLUS offers sophisticated management features for your online media that allow you accessing your media files from everywhere. The addon is integrated in all StudioLine products.


Easy Upload

Copy your files directly from the StudioLine image archive to your MediaCenter. Simply open the MediaCenter window in StudioLine and drag the desired files from the Image Archive to any MediaCenter folder.

Instant Image Review

With the detail view you can instantly review your images directly in the MediaCenter. A zoom is available, up to the original size (1:1). In addition, the most relevant image information appears on the right.

Talk it up

Protect your albums by assigning a password to that folder and subfolders.  This way only users of your choosing will have access to your data.

Post an album or image to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or send the web address via email with just a few mouse clicks.

Sharing with a Password

Crop and Rotate

Optimize your images even after they have been uploaded.

From the detail view, you can crop and rotate images to optimally clip to the key detail. StudioLine MediaCenter works nondestructively so you can change or discard settings at any time. The original image is never changed.

Navigate through the album subfolders or display only the most recent files. You can also search album descriptions and keywords, or request a specific document reference number.

One Album - 4 Views

Four different views are available to browse your albums in MediaCenter: Thumbnail "Gallery" View, "List" View, "Detail" View, and a "Slideshow".

Sorting and Searching

Pinpoint Where your Photos Were Taken

Images that contain location information can be displayed on a digital map. Let friends and family follow along the places where a series of photos was taken.

A convenient scroll bar at the bottom of the slideshow allows to you quickly navigate through large shows. On a Smartphone or Table, you can move from image to image by simply swiping with your finger – or use the mouse on a regular computer.


Set a precise viewing time for images, down to the second. You can also have the slideshow to run in a continuous loop.

Embed a Slideshow on Your Website

You can generate the HTML code required for a slideshow and paste it onto one of your own web pages, showcasing your images in an attractive slideshow for your visitors.

By adding, deleting or rearranging images in MediaCenter, you can easily update the slideshow without ever having to modify and republish your web page.

View Image Information

Your slideshow can also display the descriptions and other metadata for an image, without having to stop or exit the presentation.

Convenient Download

You can also choose to upload your original photos to MediaCenter.
» The RAW Formats from all popular camera models are supported.

Social Networks


Tie your Twitter account to MediaCenter. Now you can automatically create new tweets with links to an album or individual images when uploading new files.

Upload File Sizes

Save your social media account names in your profile to have MediaCenter display buttons for friends to follow you on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

Automatic Twitter Updates

If you permit your files to be downloaded, then visitors can gather up their favorites and eventually download them in a single compressed compound file.

Organize and Sort


Upload Originals

Keep up to date by subscribing to RSS feeds for individual folders, albums and even search results.

For each folder you can select target file sizes. During upload, the appropriately sized JPG files are generated on your behalf.

Organize your collection in folders and subfolders. Manually rearrange the files within a folder in any order you wish.

Make your pictures even more meaningful for your viewers, by supplying descriptions and relevant keywords.