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Use Add-On MediaCenter to Add a Slide Show to Your Web Site

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The slide show provides a link to an album view of the images.

Add the Slide Show to Your Web Site

Slide Show Demo

Copy the generated HTML code and paste it to a suitable location on your web page to treat your visitors to an attractive slide show of your images.

Organize Images and Generate Code for the Slide Show

Use the Add-On » MediaCenter.PLUS to Present a Slide Show on Your Web Page:

Adding or removing images in » MediaCenter.PLUS dynamically updates the slide show - there is no need to modify or republish your web page!

You can change the order of your images anytime by clicking an image with the left mouse button and dragging it to the desired location. Descriptions and keywords can be modified or inserted directly in MediaCenter.

To create a slide show for your web site, right-click the slide show’s folder and select "Embed Album on your Website". You will be able to select the style and size for your slide show.

StudioLine Web users can select "Generate IFRAME code for use in StudioLine Web".  Copy the resulting HTML code and paste it into an HTML object in the StudioLine Web “Page Editor”. The slide show will display at the location and in the size of the HTML object.

The slide show is compatible with all Internet-enabled devices, such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones or TVs.

Updates to the slide show are performed in MediaCenter. There’s no need to change your web site.

The slide show can be switched to full-screen display.

Customizable for each slide show: auto-start, timer, continuous loop and background color.

Upload and Share Images

In MediaCenter, create a new folder for the slide show by right-clicking the parent or root folder, and selecting "New Folder."

Enter a name for your folder. To share it, enter also an album name. Be certain that the option "Protect Album with Password" is not set. The transfer settings control the resolution to be used when images are posted to the MediaCenter.

Next, select your choice of images from the StudioLine Image Archive and drag them into the MediaCenter folder you just created.  These images will be automatically uploaded to MediaCenter on the Web.