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Before transferring files to other StudioLine users with DigitalXpress, you first need to send recipients an invitation. It contains the necessary access credentials. The information is encrypted so that recipients will only be able to retrieve files, not view or update security-sensitive data.

In StudioLine, open the panel “DigitalXpress” by choosing “Exchange Images and More…” from the "Share" menu, or click the corresponding button in the toolbar.

If you have not done so, create a file transfer profile by selecting "Upload Profiles" and clicking the button “New DigitalXpress Profile”. It controls the the format, size and other image settings used for the recipient(s).

With “Number of Days that Invitation Stays Valid”, you control how long the recipient will be able to access files. After that, you’ll have to send the recipient a new invitation.

To use H&M’s complimentary 500 MB DigitalXpress and web space, users of StudioLine Photo Classic and StudioLine Web need to have registered their product activation code on H&M’s web site.

Register StudioLine Photo Classic or StudioLine Web

Users of StudioLine Photo Basic are registered automatically when they request the complimentary product activation code.

Activate StudioLine Photo Basic

By clicking the button “Send Download Invitation”, StudioLine generates an email in your Windows default email software. You can use your email software to fill in the recipient’s email address and send it.

Attached to the invitation is an SLDIX file with the encrypted access information for the recipient.

Next you'll collect the files you like to send.

If you are not able to use a MAPI compliant Email application, you can export the invitation to a file instead. Right-click the appropriate download profile and choose "Export Download Invitation". Send the resulting SLDIX file via email or other available means.

To send files with DigitalXpress, open the panel “DigitalXpress” in StudioLine by selecting “Exchange Images and More…” from the "Share" menu, or click the corresponding button in the toolbar.

First, choose an upload profile that you would like to use.

Next, drag images, sound and video files from the StudioLine image archive to the DigitalXpress panel. Files can be dragged and dropped from any number of folders.

Click the button “Upload to FTP Server” to begin sending the files in your outbox.

After the files have been transferred successfully, they will appear as thumbnails under “Sent Files”. Here, you are also able to remove previously uploaded files from the FTP server.

Receiving files with DigitalXpress is supported by all StudioLine products starting with version 3.18. In StudioLine, open the “DigitalXpress” panel by clicking on the toolbar button “Exchange Photos and more”.

You can accept an invitation by dragging the SLDIX attachment from your inbox to the "DigitalXpress - Exchange Photos and more" panel, or you can use your email software to save the SLDIX attachment to your computer. Then click the right mouse button on “Download Profiles” and choose “Import DigitalXpress Settings” from the context menu. After accepting the invitation, you’re ready to receive files.

The lower section of the DigitalXpress panel will show how long each receiving profile is still valid before the sender would have to send you a new invitation. Updated invitations will automatically replace a previous invitation.

To receive files with DigitalXpress, open the panel “DigitalXpress” in StudioLine by selecting “Exchange Images and More…” from the "Share" menu, or click the corresponding button in the toolbar.

First, choose a download profile

Next, click the button “Check for New Images Now”. DigitalXpress will check if new files are available for this profile.

Received files are imported to the image archive folder “DigitalXpress Downloads”, organized into subfolders by date and profile.

With the window “Schedule for Monitoring Files”, you’ll be able to automate the receiving of files.

Based on the schedule you set, DigitalXpress will check for new files and optionally download them.

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